Revealed: The Secret Codes Of The London Underground Are Not What You Thought

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Alessia Armenise

You’re on the morning commute, it’s stressful, your shirt is sticky, your brow is glistening and you’re stuck in an exit queue that’s more akin to those found in theme parks.

'What the hell is happening', you think? 'What’s the hold-up'? Then you hear it, a detached, vacant voice over the Tannoy: “There’s a Code 2 on Platform 4, Code 2, could a TFL contractor please report."

Panic ensues. What does it mean? What’s a Code 2?

Well turns out it’s usually a lot less life threatening (but more disgusting) than you thought, as the i100 recently discovered.

Here’s the secrets behind the Underground Code...


[Via: i100]