Popcorn lands guy in jail for 80 years


Going to the cinema is damned expensive.

Once you've bought your overpriced ticket, with that added 3D surcharge, you're already feeling out of pocket. And then there's that tempting concession stand...

So we have a little bit of sympathy for this guy. 48-year-old Charles Cleveland Nowden, of Forth Worth, Texas, tried to pay for two hot dogs, two cokes and a tub of popcorn with a $20 counterfeit bill. He was later arrested and police found another $120 in counterfeit bills on him.

Nowden also had previous theft charges on his record which led the judge to give him 80 years in prison. He now has to serve at least 15 years before he is eligible for parole.

Next time, do what we do, and bring your own snacks. Homemade ones.

(Image: Rex Features)

[via Dallas News]


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