Police Boobytrap Turns Criminals Green


Criminals in London are going to have to get used to being caught green-handed, after the implementation of a new boobytrap device in the area.

Police in the London Borough of Brent have started using a chemical, produced by Smartwater systems, which is odourless, invisible and virtually unwashable, yet emits a green glow when placed under ultraviolet light.

A burglar, Yafet Askale, was recently sprayed with the fine mist when the police department's boobytrapped car detected an intrusion and unleashed the chemical. Despite pleading not guilty, the telltale green 'ink' led to a successful conviction.

The systems have been implemented on cars and houses in vulnerable areas, with kits given to residents. Results have been impressive: street robbery has decreased by 40% while burglaries have dropped by 80%.

Being described as 'green-fingered' will soon take on a whole new meaning.

[via Gizmodo]

(Image: National News and Pictures)