Physicists create the hottest temperature ever


Now given the dreariness of the alleged summer here in the UK, you'd be forgiven for finding the words 'hottest temperature ever' rather appealing.

But once you discover said temperature is 7.2 trillion, you'll want to make the fastest backtrack ever known to man.

Over in New York, a team of physicists have broken the Guinness World Record for the hottest man-made temperature ever. They did this by running gold ions through a particle accelerator and smashing them at such a high speed that the neutrons and protons in their nuclei melted. As you'll obviously know, this produced a quark-gluon plasma which was then recorded as 7.2 trillion degrees °F (4 trillion degrees °C).

Now, avert your eyes Christians but it's apparently a process which is similar to something that happened after the Big Bang.

According to the LA Times, it's a record which might not last for long as the team working at the Large Hadron Collider are close to beating it.

The heat is on. Yeah we just totally went there.

(Image: Rex Features)


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