Man sues government for stealing his dinosaur


It's a good/bad time for dinosaur fans at the moment. After a slightly eccentric businessman revealed plans for a real-life Jurassic Park, a rare fossils dealer has now made the news for a rather unique dino-emergency.

Florida native Eric Propoki is suing the US government for snatching the remains of a Tyrannosaurus bataar out of his dusty hands. Propoki brought the bones into the country two years ago and has since crafted them into "an impressive skeleton."

But the government claim that the skeleton belongs to Mongolia and that Propoki smuggled them into the country disguised as reptile bones from the UK.

Since the reptile is valued at over $1 million, Propoki is understandably peeved and his lawyers claim that he is being targeted by academic paleontologists. And we all know how petty they can be, right?

[via Gawker]

(Image: Rex Features)


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