Man phones police to report mistress as burglar


Unless you are the world’s best liar we don’t advise you have an affair. Suddenly devising plausible stories from thin air is not at all easy.

We're not condoning the actions of a cheating boyfriend in Colorado Springs, America, but in terms of his attempts at ingenuity we are rather impressed.

When Kevin Gaylor’s girlfriend came home early one night it meant that the Lothario, sorry, lowdown cheating scum, had to act quickly when a lass who he had met online and had invited over (to play Scrabble?) turned up.

This he did – he pretended his online chum was in fact a burglar and even went as far as to call the police – but unfortunately for Gaylor, the cops weren’t fooled. He’s since been charged with reporting a false misdemeanour to the authorities.

We also imagine the Colorado Springs law enforcement agency overlooked the spanking he got from his girlfriend.

As we say, don’t have an affair.

(Image: Rex Features)


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