Man on quest to lick all 64 cathedrals in UK


(31/12/2012) Weirdness ahoy as a British man comes to the end of a challenge to lick all 64 cathedrals in the United Kingdom.

Lawrence Edmonds, who has licked 60 so far, made a bet with his friend to complete the task in two years. If he fails, he has to run naked around York Minster, in his hometown.

He has to have photographic proof of each lick and told the The Daily Mail: "In Rochester, I was on my own and I asked a stranger to take a picture and this crowd gathered."

"It's not the licking I find embarrassing, it's the being caught doing it."

Apparently Lichfield Cathedral (image 1) tasted best, while Wakefield (image 2) tasted horrendous and Perth was "a little gritty".


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