Incredible paper art inspired by The Shining & other classic horror films

Posted by
Joe Ellison

If there’s an equivalent of an Oscar night in the origami world, this man’s going home with a limo rammed with silverware.

That would be Ruben Martinez, AKA Smallest Boy, the artist we have to thank for this new series of complex paper art, giving us another terrifying perspective of some of our favourite horrors and thrillers.

Riffing on themes long synonymous with the respective flicks (Vertigo’s iconic poster from Saul Bass; that patterned carpet and equally unnerving set of twins from The Shining), along with film sets themselves, it just goes to show what a little imagination and preposterous amounts of patience can achieve.

Alfred Hitchcock's clearly a big influence to Martinez, though we'd wager his tribute to The Shining might just be his biggest draw. Prices start from £140 - not including delivery - and frankly it's an investment worth making.

What's more, it's a 3D film you can enjoy anytime without the need of ungainly specs. What's not to love?