How to use The ShortList Gastro Guide



1. What is the ShortList Gastro Guide?

The Shortlist Gastro Guide is a collections of bars and restaurants featured in ShortList’s Pints and Pistachios section. Once downloaded you’ll be able to find for the closest bars to your current location or search for others across the UK.

2. Is the ShortList Gastro Guide free?

The Shortlist Gastro Guide is completely free to download and use.

3. How can I download the ShortList Gastro Guide?

The iPhone release for The Shortlist Gastro Guide can be found at http://www.shortlist.com/appdownload

4. What device is the ShortList Gastro Guide available on?

The Shortlist Gastro Guide is currently only available on iPhone.

5. I am having trouble downloading the ShortList Gastro Guide, what should I do?

Check that you are connected to wifi and that you have a strong signal. It may take longer to download if you are connected to the internet via 3G or 4G. If your wifi signal has been interrupted, you may need to go back attempt to download the app again.

6. How can I give feedback?

You can give feedback in the app store or by emailing gastroguide@shortlist.com

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