How to be a lead singer


Being a front man for a band has its perks doesn't it? Actually that's probably a fat-sized understatement. It's a life of sex, glory and legal (must be legal) highs.

Alas not many of us are front men. In fact, just 0.006% of the population of the globe gets to have 'lead singer' in their passport. And as a result their passports are much dogeared documents than yours or ours.

The good news is that all is not lost. You too could be the next Brandon Flowers, if you take advice from those that are in the know.

The kind people at Right Guard (you won't find a fresher smelling bunch) took us to the Great Escape Festival to find out from lead singers themselves, what the secret was to being great at it. Alas, Bono couldn't make it...

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Main image: Rex