Here are all the movie references you might have missed in Netflix’s Stranger Things


There's no getting away from it, Stranger Things is destined to be the next big Netflix watercooler series, following in the footsteps of Making a Murderer in the fact you'll moan about everyone going on about it, all the time, before finally watching it and thinking 'Yeah, actually everyone was right'.

And when you finally give in, you'll see how it's a show that's been lovingly crafted by lovers of film - particularly from the Seventies and Eighties - which they're unashamed to admit judging by the amount of references and wry nods subtly included.

Had a feeling of déjà vu at any point in the series yet? There's a reason for that - it's because you've seen it before, as this brilliant hot-off-the-press supercut shows, detailing scenes from twelve different movies that have been echoed in Stranger Things.

And there's three from acclaimed horror writer Stephen King - who's already come out as a fan of the show:

Take a look at the clip above, and there's a full list of movies below.

- The Goonies
- Alien
- E.T the Extra-Terrestrial
- Firestarter
- Poltergeist
- Close encounters of the third kind
- A nightmare on Elm Street
- Explorers
- The Shining
-Stand by me
- Carrie
- Commando