Hapless jewel thieves accidentally break into KFC


Finally proving that the term "third time lucky" isn't actually accurate whatsoever, a pair of utterly incompetent thieves tried, and failed, to break into a jewellers on three separate occasions.

Not only did they fail but they failed in increasingly disastrous, sitcom-worthy ways.

On New Year's Eve, the Australian pair tried originally to break into Wright Jewellers in Beaudesert near Brisbane by throwing spark plugs in an attempt to smash the front window. Denied.

They then tried to break in using the doors at the back but, cue studio audience laughter, found themselves in the Animal Welfare League Opportunity Shop next door. Denied.

After stealing a charity box containing a measly $50 (£33), they then broke into a block of toilets attached to the back of the shops and smashed through a wall, only to find themselves in...KFC. Denied.

As the sitcom audience would surely be in uproarious fits of laughter, the two men decided to improvise and rob the fast food joint instead. They made it out with $2,600 (£1,700) but were later arrested and charged.

[via Sky News]

(Image: Rex Features)


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