#growingupBritish trended on Twitter and now we feel very patriotic


In this fearful post-Brexit world it’s now more important than ever to remind ourselves of a simpler time, a time when people could all agree on the same issues.

Like the unbreakable Nokia 3310 being the best phone on the high street, for the example, or how receiving the Blue Peter badge was infinitely more impressive than any other honour ever.

And if you were in need of some nostalgia this weekend you needed only open Twitter where users were revisiting childhood memories - mostly of the late nineties - sparking the hashtag #growingupBritish.

Here are some of the highlights...

No assembly required

Paper towels cured everything


Bow down in worship

In a dark, dark library

They do things differently in the US

The festive bible

Jessica Fletcher was always around

MSN was the only way to communicate

The first phone everyone had