Florida man fakes burglary to avoid going to work


Think you hate your job? We can assure you that one Florida man detests his workplace even more.

31-year-old Brandon resident Dwayne Yeager staged a fake burglary at his home for the simple reason of having an excuse to take a day off from his fabrication job at Dooson Hydro Technology, calling police at 7:25 on Monday to report that a break-in had occurred.

Yeager told operators that the windows in his son's bedroom were open and that a white Honda Civic drove away as he arrived back home. It was only when officers visited the scene, learning that neighbours had seen Yeager opening the front bedroom window, that his story fell apart.

After admitting to the scam, he reportedly told officers that didn't think he could be arrested for making a false report, and was promptly arrested for making the false report.

Whatever career path he chooses next, he might want to avoid the home security industry.


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