False Leg Tagged By Security Firm


Dozy security staff unwittingly tagged a criminal's false leg, enabling a Rochdale man to break his curfew whenever he pleased.

Staff at the G4S security firm failed to perform a full check of Christopher Lowcock, and placed the monitoring device on his prosthetic limb, which he'd hidden under a bandage.

The cunning ruse meant that he could simply remove the appendage whenever he wanted to leave his home.

However, instead of merely enjoying his unexpected freedom discreetly and keeping out of trouble, he couldn't resist continuing his life of crime. When suspicious officers arrived at his home they found that not only was he not there, but he'd already been arrested for motoring offences and was back in custody.

Next time, they'd be advised to spend an arm and a leg on the tagging procedure. Huh. Huh. Arm and a leg? No?

[via The Telegraph]

Image: Rex


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