'Fake' Sign Language Interpreter At Mandela Memorial


As memorial services go, this was one of the more eventful ones.

The service in honour of the life of Nelson Mandela saw the current South African president Jacob Zuma booed, and Barack Obama, David Cameron and the Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt attracting widespread criticism for taking an extraordinary 'selfie' - not least from Obama's own wife Michelle, who seemed distinctly unimpressed by her husband's joking around.

However, the icing on the cake has been the revelation that the sign language interpreter used for the event was apparently unqualified, and was making up his own, unintelligible, signs. Deaf activist Alison Bryan wrote on twitter: "fake interpreter on stage at the Nelson Mandela Memorial Service. Just some random person flapping arms about." The incident is causing widespread embarrassment for the South African government, especially as the stadium used for the event was far from full.

Well, at least Bono didn't get up and sing - let's be thankful for that.

(Images: Rex)


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