Fake Batman tries to help police


Unlike Superman, who's always ripping off his tie and leaping into action, Batman has a slightly more laidback approach to the whole superhero thing.

Spending most of his time being rich and sleeping with models, he only really dons the costume when the Gotham police turn on the bat signal.

Over in Christchurch, New Zealand, the White Lights of Hope, which commemorate the earthquake anniversary, bear an uncanny resemblance to the signal and got poor fake Batman all confused last week. After seeing the lights, he marched to the local police station, ready to serve justice.

After asking to speak to the commissioner, the caped crusader demanded why he'd been called out. Sergeant Jones had just started his shift when Batman came and noted that he was too "scrawny" to be a believable superhero and that Robin would have to be "6 foot 4 and built like a tank to help him out".

After his accomplice filmed the exchange, Batman left in a hurry. There's brooding to be done after all.

[via TVNZ]

(Image: Rex Features)


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