Death row inmate plots suicide scheme with oysters


We all know from watching a heavy amount of movies that killing yourself in prison isn't particularly easy.

So it requires some initiative to really get the job done. In walks Connecticut inmate Steven Hayes. Currently on death row for his role in a gruesome home invasion, Hayes was keen to expedite the process.

After a number of failed attempts, he hatched a plan. He decided to lie about 17 other murders and hoped to trade information for food. He would then choose oysters as he was allergic to shellfish. Done.

But the problem was that admitting to 17 other murders was, ermm, overkill and despite jamming his story with details, the authorities saw straight through him. Trial Judge Jon C. Blue stated that if he was telling the truth then that would have made him "one of the great serial killers in modern American history."

Weirdly, Hayes was also appealing his execution as he'd promised his lawyer that he would try to stay alive. Now, he's forced to wait until his time comes although it could be decades until he is executed.

We can probably guess what his last meal might include though...

[via Gawker]

(Image: Rex Features)


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