Deadbeat dad caught by fake role in Jennifer Aniston movie


Bounty hunters are often forced to be extremely creative when it comes to getting their hands on their targets.

But, despite her role in an unwatchably bad movie called The Bounty Hunter, we're not aware of Jennifer Aniston being used in many of these situations. Funnily enough.

Until now etc.

Joshua Garlathy hoped he would avoid paying child support by moving out of state. After making the understandable decision to move from Pennsylvania to Hawaii, he thought he'd managed to evade paying his dues. But it's now a crime in the US to move to another state to wriggle out of child support.

A bounty hunter tracked him down and used the one thing that Garlathy was unable to resist: Jennifer Aniston. He posed as a Hollywood type and offered him a role in a fake Aniston flick (probably a romantic comedy about a sassy egg donor who falls for a sexist sperm donor).

He fell for the ruse and after flying back to Philadelphia, he was arrested and has been ordered to pay more than $32,000 (£20,613) in child support. He's also hoping to rebuild his relationship with his daughter.

He might want to stop watching so many Jennifer Aniston movies too.

[via Huffington Post]

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