Couple sue landlord over haunted house


The rental market is a nightmare these days. Overzealous landlords and escalating prices turn it into an unenviable process.

So the last thing anyone really needs is a ghost to come and make it all even harder. But for Jose Chinchilla (great name) and his fiancée, this was the exact situation that they found themselves in recently.

The New Jersey couple moved into a new house, only to find that it was already inhabited by a mischievous poltergeist. They were plagued by your bog standard slamming doors, flickering lights and sheet tugging and even called in a totally legitimate team of investigators called the Shore Paranormal Research Society. The activity was termed paranormal by their totally legitimate standards but they didn't believe it was haunted.

The couple moved out after just a week and they're now suing their landlord for their $2,250 security deposit. Yet the landlord believes it's the $1,500 a month rental fee that's giving them nightmares so has launched a counter suit.

Just think, some poor judge has to sort this mess out.

[via CBS New York]

(Image: All Star)


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