Couple harassed by foul-mouthed cockatoo


Stories about neighbours falling out are boringly common but stories about neighbours falling out over foul-mouted cockatoos are a little bit special.

Over in Rhode Island, Kathy Melker and Craig Fontaine are locked into a feud with their neighbours, who they claim are making their lives hell.

Melker claims that Lynne Taylor and Chris Levasseur have trained their umbrella cockatoo Willy to hurl obscenities her way. She alleges that Willy has been calling her a "f*cking wh*re" since June of last year.

“It’s directed exactly at me,” claimed Melker. “I’m 53 years old and I’ve never been called a f*cking wh*re in my life. This woman is a lunatic.”

What complicates matters is that Fontaine and Taylor used to be married before she left him for her neighbour Levasseur.

Melker and Fontaine are now considering a move from their house to avoid the couple and their bird after police intervention failed to sort the situation out.

We all know the best way to deal with problems like this and her name is Judy and she's a judge. Sorted.

[via RhodyBeat]

(Image: Rex Features)


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