Cops to act drunk to catch thieves


When you think of policemen going undercover, you typically imagine dangerous situations involving gangland kingpins, tense, life-altering choices and pretty much anything else we can remember from watching Donnie Brasco.

But, as ever, the match-up between movies and real life is a massive disappointment. In New York, the police force are hoping to cut down on subway muggings by placing dozens of decoy officers on trains and in stations.

There's been a 16% increase in subway thefts in the past year so to try and curb this, the NYPD are being trained to act as believable victims. In other words, they're going to have to act drunk to make potential thieves believe that their iPads will be an easy steal.

Even tougher, some will have to pretend to be asleep.

Yeah you can just scratch "be an undercover cop" right off our bucket list.

(Image: YouTube)

[via NYPost]


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