Cocaine found in the air of Italian cities


Remember when Phil Collins sang about feeling it coming in the air tonight? Well if he was in Italy at the time of recording then 'it' probably referred to a debauched night of nosebleeds and shouting at strangers.

A government-sponsored study found traces of cocaine and marijuana in eight of the biggest cities in Italy, including Rome, Milan, Florence and Turin. But if you're now maniacally booking a ticket to Italy, hoping to get a free oxygen-delivered high, the traces are so low that no-one would be able to get anything from it.

In the rankings, Palermo had the lowest amount while Turin had the highest. The study, which also measured nicotine and caffeine levels, found that marijuana usage seemed to peak in the winter months.

The findings were hoped to help track usage for the future so that the government could work on solving drug-related issues. They also needed a more definitive explanation for Mario's unprecedented energy levels.

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