British magazine petitions launch of new Abercrombie store


Now, if you've never had the chance to read Chap magazine, you can probably assume a fair deal from the name itself.

Aimed at the modern gent with a finer taste, it's best read with a pipe in hand and a venison dinner in the oven. It's therefore no real surprise that they're not massively enthusiastic about a new Abercrombie & Fitch store opening on Savile Row.

The iconic London street is synonymous with fine tailoring and it's the first place you'd head for a tailored suit, provided you had a few bob in your pocket. The forthcoming arrival of the American retail giant has therefore gone down like a lead balloon.

Readers of Chap magazine have started a petition to prevent them from moving into the neighbourhood. It's directed at Westminster Council and claims that the store launch would be out of character with the street. It's already garnered over 500 signatures, including those of local tailors.

They're not the first party who have been angered by Abercrombie & Fitch in recent months.


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