Breaking Bad Super-fan Arrested In Drugs Bust


As role models go, you don’t need to be a DEA agent to know that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are bad news. Across five seasons of Breaking Bad, the duo’s meth-related misdemeanours should have served to put anyone off the drug business.

With this in mind, it should be all the more surprising that 28-year-old Ryan Carroll, who won a contest to fly to Hollywood and watch the show’s finale with star Aaron Paul, has been arrested for possession of synthetic narcotics.

During the early hours of New Year’s Day, the University graduate (who called the show “highly addicting, just like the meth they make” upon winning the TV show competition) was arrested at a house in Fort Myers, Florida alongside James Lee Allen, believed to be a friend.

As to exactly what drug they were caught with remains unknown but a neighbour who witnessed the bust told a local paper that officers were donning heavy, protective gloves as if they expected hazardous substances inside the house, fuelling speculation that Carroll and his potential partner might have been setting up a drugs empire of their own.

Who knows, perhaps those DVD extras just didn’t prove stimulating enough...


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