Bolivian President Signs For Professional Football Club


You all thought Obama was cool, but he's got a way to go to match the Bolivian President Evo Morales.

The 54-year-old Premier has signed up to play for a professional Bolivian football team next season. He will be on the books of Sport Boys, a team from the south-eastern province of Santa Cruz. Morales is a well-known football fan and has played several matches with journalists and other Presidents in the past.

The Sport Boys president Mario Cronenbold explained: "He loves football and plays well...He'll wear the No 10 shirt. We'll send him a list of matches and he'll choose which ones to play in."

He will apparently play for 20 minutes in each game he plays, but won't play in every match, due to the irritating need to govern the country as well. He'll receive the minimum salary - around £127 a week. It's not known if he will be captain; if not, then good luck to whoever is given the job of ordering around their own President.

(Images: Rex)