Beach Towel Wardens to Police German Cruise Ships


It's the age-old cliché. You wake up on the first morning of your holidays without a care in the world. Drag your sleepy body to the pool and every single lounger has been "reserved" by a towel. Must be the Germans.

Ironically, however. it's Germany where this practice is being rooted out. German news site The Local is reporting that wardens are being appointed on German cruise ships to time how long guests spend away from their lounger. Go over your 30 minute maximum and they procure your recliner and give it to a less-organised, probably more hungover holidaymaker.

When you return to your seat you'll find a stern note telling you what has happened.

The system has been so successful with AIDA Cruises that it is being tried out on a cruise ship run by American holiday firm Carnival Cruises.

If it works, all cruise passengers travelling with the company will be introduced to the strict sun bathing etiquette, although they will have a slightly longer, 40-minute, grace period.

Image: Rex


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