Azerbaijan Releases Election Results Before Anyone Votes


We all know that some elections are fairer than others - but the done thing is generally to wait until people have actually voted before trying to rig the scores.

However, Azerbaijan gave a strong hint of how 'free and fair' their elections are, when the country's election authorities accidentally released the results a full day before the voting had even begun.

In a huge surprise, the country's sitting President Ilham Aliyev was returned to power with 72.76% of the vote - consistent with his previous 'win', when he polled 87% in 2008. The results were released via a mobile phone app, which also released figures for the turnout in different districts.

The results were quickly recalled, with authorities saying that they had mistakenly released the 2008 results as part of a test - however, the current candidates were listed, which suggests that they may, just may, be telling porkies.

The polls have now finally opened and with three-quarters of the votes counted, Aliyev has won 85% and will return for a third term as President.

In other news, this weekend's lottery numbers have been revealed, and Azerbaijan have been announced as the 2014 World Cup winners.

(Image: Rex)

[via Washington Post]