50,000 Christmas CDs mistakenly contain Hitler youth songs


A children's charity has sent out 50,000 CDs of Christmas carols that actually contain the titles to pro-Nazi songs sung by the Hitler Youth.

Spokesman for the SOS-Kinderdorf charity, Roger Damm, said the CDs, which displayed the Hitler Youth song names instead of the Christmas carols when played on a computer, could have been hacked by a far-right group.

Both SOS-Kinderdorf and the production company that made the CD have lodged a complaint in Munich for incitement to hatred.

"It greatly disturbed us to discover that this CD has been adulterated on the internet with Hitler Youth titles," SOS-Kinderdorf said in a statement. "We unfortunately have no idea how this happened or who is responsible for this disgraceful deed."

English language German paper The Local says that Volker Zota, a computer expert for German IT magazine c´t doesn't think anything so sinister, is involved: He said: "Since media players identify CDs using a rather simple disc ID procedure, improper recognition can easily occur. In this case it could be an extremely unfortunate mix-up."

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