15 famous paintings made 15 times better by adding in cats


It's a long-established fact that cats make everything better.

Where would the internet be without them? Sure, dogs play their part, but the cat rules over all it surveys, with its mixture of loving, furry niceness, and vicious, sadistic, sleek brutality.

Why, only last week, we were falling out of our seats with laughter at these beauties.


But who would have thought the cat could improve the rarefied world of fine art? Well, us and the brilliant people at Russian website Fat Cat Art, who have taken a host of classic paintings and improved them, using cats. You can buy prints of them by heading here, and you can admire 15 of the best ones below.

To think that Leonardo da Vinci thought that the Mona Lisa was complete when he hung up his brush in 1517 - thankfully, the Fat Cat Art guys have finally finished it, as well as 14 other beauties.