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Twitter is arguing about the greatest fizzy drink and everyone is wrong, so wrong


Up until now, the most wrong anyone had ever been was your dad, when he confidently said, "The pound will recover next week" after its post-Brexit plummet. 

But now the unfortunate people of Food Network UK can wear the crown and sash of 'Most Wrong Ever', after they tweeted their opinions about the best fizzy drinks in the world. 

Although they tweeted it over a month ago, Twitter's attention has only been drawn to it recently, and the wrath is palpable. WHY IS RUBICON SO LOW? WHY IS TANGO APPLE SO HIGH? Tango apple is the drink of ninth birthday parties and teen boys who spray deodrant onto lighter flames, or so we hear. 

Naturally, everyone reacted appropriately, i.e. with violent, shaking rage. Check out the best responses below. 


Luckily, Food Network has now listened to the people, and opened up a poll where you can vote for the actual best fizzy drink in the world. 

Fanta is currently winning (at time of writing), which just goes to show this whole democracy thing is definitely due for a rethink.


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