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The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014


So, what was on the menu in 2014?

We'll give you another five minutes to decide, as there were plenty of weird and wonderful things to choose from. 

If you wanted KitKats on your pizza, Skittles in your sausage or a burger to drink, then this was the year that had you covered. 

Depending on your diet, the following 15 foodstuffs will either excite you or make you want to hurl. 

Fussy eaters, look away now...

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014


    The $1000 Ice Cream Sundae

    What is it? It's an ice cream sundae.

    How much is it? $1,000 (£590).

    Where can I get it? Bagatelle, New York. For your money, you get "gilded" chocolate brownies, ice cream, Dom Perignon Rose sorbet and a black steel and white gold Mauboussin ring (worth £315). It's not the most expensive dessert the city has ever seen, mind. That honour belongs to Serendipity 3's Frozen Haute Chocolate, which cost $25,000. We'll just have the bill, thanks.

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 1


    The Beast Mode Hot Skittles Sausage

    What is it? It's a sausage with Skittles in.

    How much is it? $4.99 (£3.19) per lb.

    Where can I get it? Blue Max Meats in Seattle. The butchers created this limited edition run in honour of Seattle Seahawks' running back Marshawn Lynch as his team prepared for Super Bowl XLVIII. The sausages had the desired effect - the Seahawks won.

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 2


    'The Everglades' Pizza

    What is it? A python, alligator and frogs' legs pizza. Really: PYTHON. To paraphrase Alan Partridge, shouldn't python technically come in a baguette?

    How much is it? $45 (£29) for a medium.

    Where can I get it? Evan's Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers, Florida. 

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 3


    The 'Nutellasagne'

    What is it? A sweet lasagne. The meaty bits are replaced by custard, marshmallows and enough Nutella to kill an elephant.

    How much is it? $120 (£72). (Serves 15-24.)

    Where can I get it? Robicelli's Bakery, New York. The Nutellasagne sold so well last year that its creators, Allison and Matt Robicelli, have brought it back.

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 4


    The Edible Mist Machine

    What is it? A machine that makes vapour you can taste. There are over 200 flavours to choose from, including the ever-appetising option "bacon and chocolate". Oh, and because it's mist, everything on the menu is zero calories.

    How much is it? £POA

    Where can I get it? Edible Mist Machines are available to hire from London-based company Lick Me, I'm Delicious.

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 5


    'The Liquid Diet'

    What is it? It's a burger. No, honestly. It's a burger. Created by "burger artist" Matthew Ramsey on his site Pornburger, 'The Liquid Diet' cocktail consists of White Castle infused Bulleit Rye, spicy pickle juice, a splash of tomato water, a dash of liquid smoke and some burger salt rub for the rim of the glass. All slurped down through a straw made of bacon, of course.

    How much is it? £Not sure

    Where can I get it? We don't actually know, but now you've got the ingredients, you can try making one yourself. How hard can making a straw out of bacon be?

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 6


    KitKat And Mango Dolce Pizza

    What is it? A pizza made using Custard Pudding-flavoured KitKats (really), mixed nuts, Gorgonzola cheese sauce, honey maple sauce and mango slices. 

    How much is it? Y1630 (£8.80), for a medium.

    Where can I get it? At all of Japan's best pizza chains: Napoli no Kama, Strawberry Cones, Wired Coffee and Moriva Coffee.

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 7


    'Foie The Hell Of It'

    What is it? It looks innocuous - like a sort of cappucino/White Russian hybrid covered in ground almonds - but this is, in fact, a Foie Gras cocktail. It's made with apple brandy, bourbon, lemon juice, ginger syrup, pureed strawberry and rhubarb preserves, egg white, lemon bitters and pepper. The stuff on top is actually shaved frozen foie gras terrine. Nice one, guys.

    How much is it? A quite-reasonable-when-you-think-about-it $13 (£8.30)

    Where can I get it? Portland restaurant Ox started serving these back in March. 

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 8


    Fish & Chips Ice Cream

    What is it? Vanilla ice cream rolled in batter and pieces of fish and mushy peas ice cream, both served in a cone with a solitary chip acting as the Cadbury's Flake of the piece. Hmm.

    How much is it? We've trawled the depths (sorry) of the internet, but we can't get a net price for you (sorry again).

    Where can I get it? This cone is the brainchild of Whitby ice cream parlour Teare Woods, where corned beef, coconut korma and roasted garlic ice creams have also been on the menu.

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 9


    Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza

    What is it? A seafood pizza topped with crayfish, scallops, shrimp, clams, cherry tomatoes, peppers, red onion and thousand island sauce, plus the eggs of flying fish and a salmon-flavoured cream cheese stuffed into the crust. Safe to say, if you don't like fish, this isn't for you.

    How much is it? $184HK (£15) for a medium.

    Where can I get it? Pizza Hut Hong Kong. 

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 10


    The Cookie Burger

    What is it? A burger, some bacon, some cheese and a mysterious white ooze, sandwiched between two Smarties cookies. Hooray?

    How much is it? The Cookie Burger is not available to buy, per se. It's the brainchild of food blogger The Vulgar Chef.

    Where can I get it? The Vulgar Chef's cookbook, Eat Like Shit, is available to download for free. At least he's not charging us to feel ill.

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 11


    Chocolate Chip Cookie Sparkling Water

    What is it? A zero-calorie flavoured sparkling water drink, manufactured by the lunatics at Cott drinks.

    How much is it? $0.50c (£0.29p)

    Where can I get it? Texas supermarket chain H-E-B.

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 12


    The Chocolate Breakfast

    What is it? Nearly 9,000 calories-worth of chocolate, including chocolate dusted bacon, chocolate fried potatoes, chocolate filled sausages, chocolate pancakes, chocolate French Nutella toast and chocolate eggs. Oh and it's served with an alcoholic chocolate milkshake. For breakfast. 

    How much is it? It's not available to buy, but even if it was, it's a price you surely wouldn't want to pay, health-wise.

    Where can I get it? The dish was created by Canadian YouTubers Epic Meal Time, and eaten by Man Vs. Food's Adam Richman.

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 13


    Champagne And Viagra Ice Cream

    What is it? The most arousing dessert in all of history? Probably. The ice cream was commissioned by an unnamed celebrity via London food engineers Lick Me I'm Delicious (the guys responsible for that zero-calorie mist, earlier). 

    How much is it? £POA

    Where can I get it? You'll have to drop those guys at Lick Me I'm Delicious a line...

  • The 15 Most Insane Food Creations Of 2014 14


    The D'oh! Nut Burger

    What is it? Earlier this year, PYT Burger in Philadelphia delivered a homage to Homer Simpson with this monstrosity. It's a savoury donut injected with cheese and mashed burger pattie, then glazed with chocolate-coated bacon. Fuzzy arteries a-go-go.

    How much is it? $13 (£8).

    Where can I get it? PYT Burger in Philadelphia (we thought Philadelphia was supposed to be good for you? Cream Cheese Ed).


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