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KFC's Twitter account has been hiding a piece of genius all this time

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Dave Fawbert

There are many reason to love KFC.

Number one: great fried chicken. Seriously great fried chicken.

Number two: they now do great thin fries, having learned the error of their ways about their thicker predecessors.

Number three: krushems. Lovely stuff.

Number four: that chicken again. Hmmmmm.

But now we have a fifth reason to love them and it’s very subtle indeed.

Their Twitter account follows just 11 people. Take a look at them and see if you can spot it.

KFC's Twitter account

11 people. Five spice girls… six guys called Herb. Spice… herb. Geddit?


It’s 11 herbs and spices. Their famous tag line.

Well played KFC. Needless to say, the rest of Twitter was highly impressed:

Even a rival doffed their virtual cap.

There’s no higher praise than that delivered through gritted teeth from a sworn enemy.

KFC, you have won today.

(Image: Rex)