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Hangover-free detox beer is here to save you from dry January

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Chris Sayer

Already regretting signing up for a booze-free dryathlon at the start of 2017? This little can might be about to make your Dry January a whole lot less knuckle-chewingly dull. 

Craft beer brewery Innis & Gunn have leapt to the aid of the 2 million Brits that have slashed their boozing for this month with a pale ale that’s not only alcohol-free, but actually good for you too.

The Scottish brewers have created Innis & None, a guilt-killing 0.0% ABV can crammed with a big bitter and hoppy flavour (something lacking in lesser, inferior alcohol-stripped beer), and added a load of Vitamin C and ginsing – two ingredients that’ll boost your immune system and up your energy levels. On top of that, there’s guarana too, which is known to aid weightloss and better your exercise performance. In all, the first-of-its-kind booze bomb is a little canned detox designed to do your suffering body some good after ravaging it with eggnog and mince pies all December.

Serving as absolutely irrevocable proof of the claim, here’s a picture of an athletic lady in a gym drinking one…

“Great beer does not necessarily have to contain alcohol,” said Dougal Gunn Sharp, the founder and head brewer at Innis & Gunn. “We approached brewing Innis & None, as we do with any of our beers, using quality ingredients to produce a bold flavoursome taste. Taking the alcohol content down to zero is part of our belief that beer is for everyone, even those who don’t or can’t consume alcohol. I believe this pale ale stands up to the best of them. With the added Vitamin C and ginseng, you’re now also getting a boost to the immune system for the New Year.”

Rid your fridge off all that kale and coconut water and add a bunch of ‘em to your basket at Innis & Gunn’s online shop.


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