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'Food Jenga' is the new Instagram trend you need to know about

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Gary Ogden
'Food Jenga' is the new Instagram trend you need to know about

How high can you make your chips, eh, big man?

When you were happily patting your fork into your mashed potato, about 20 years ago, and your mum said “Barnabas, stop playing with your food,” she was correct. But this weekend, when you stack all the chips you’ve just cooked into a greasy tower and post a picture of it to Instagram, she will, well, she’ll still be correct. But now you’re an adult and you can do whatever the hell you want, Barnabas.

Which means, Barney, that you can massively get involved in ‘food jenga’, an Insta trend which involves piling up a chosen food into a big tall tower for no real reason other than the digital adulation of your peers and/or to provide your dog with something to excitedly leap at and ruin.

Anyway, this is what it looks like:

It’s been around for a tad, but it’s been picking up a bit of steam as of late, leading to an absolute deluge of amateur, edible Jengas:

This one is next level:

And if you don’t fancy faffing with your food and letting it go all cold and rubbish while you try to stack it, then simply eat the food first, then do the Jenga:

Enjoy! But do take notice that it’s clear that some food makes this easier than others, so stick with a big lattice of chips if you wanna go big, because trying to make a ten metre tower made out of peas is much more effort than it’s worth. TRUST.

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