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The Chocolate Bar Challenge is the greatest game you will ever play

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Dave Fawbert
The Chocolate Bar Challenge is the greatest game you will ever play

I love chocolate, you love chocolate, everyone loves chocolate.

And we all have our favourites, which become brutally apparent when the scrum for the best ones in the Celebrations box gets underway: Malteasers first, Bountys last, you know the score. But, while you might proclaim the Mars, or the Twix, as your all-time favourite, the one you couldn’t live without and feel like you know intimately - could you identify them ‘unclothed’? Without that distinctive wrapping covering their chocolatey wares?

Or is it, actually, bloody difficult to tell chocolate bars apart when all you have is the bar itself?

This thought occurred to drinks expert Neil Ridley, who began posting a series of ‘Chocolate Bar Challenges’ on his Facebook page.

It’s weirdly difficult, and fiendishly addictive. You probably think it’ll be easy. But how many can you get right?

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