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This cone has a whole cheese board in it & now nothing seems impossible

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Emily Reynolds

If you want to develop early onset heart disease but are worried you’re not doing it quickly enough, I have extremely good news for you: you can now eat an entire cheese board in a cone.

A whole cheese a cone.

The cone contains salami, triple cream brie, crumbled cranberry and pistachio cheddar, has a big glob of spiced pear paste on top, is wrapped in a flatbread cone and has a grissini stick on top. 

The cone was the invention of Hunter Belle Cheese and Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh, who created it for the Cheese Lovers Festival in Australia. 

If you don’t fancy going that far afield to entirely clog your arteries with cheese, a street food market in Cardiff is offering something pretty similar: a Gorgonzola cheese ‘ice cream’ topped with nuts and honey. 

If this doesn’t appeal either, you can always eat a huge mouthful of mild cheddar at the fridge like the rest of us, I guess. 

[Image: Hunter Belle Cheese]


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