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Slates? Plant pots? Dog bowls? The British public have voted on how it's acceptable to serve food

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Tom Victor

Are you a plate purist?

Do you go to restaurants purely in the hope that you’ll be served your food on a slate, or in a jar, or on a skateboard, just so you can get on the internet blower to your pals at We Want Plates?

Does that make you happy?

Does it give you fulfilment in life?

Well good for you, but the tastes of the British public-at-large aren’t quite as cut-and-dried on the matter as you might have thought.

According to a new YouGov Omnibus poll, us Brits would prefer plates, sure, but that’s not the be all and end all.

Sure, 99% of us are fine with food served on a round plate (we’d love to meet the other 1%) and 96% think a square plate’s all fine and dandy. That’s just what you’d expect, really.

But what about slates or wooden boards, the bane of our restaurant existences? Actually, most of us are absolutely fine with them. Slates got the approval of 69% (nice) of those polled, while 64% would have no problem with their dinner being served up on a wooden board.

Even plant pots earned the approval of more than half those to cast their vote, though we suspect there’s a difference between chips in a plant pot and a steak in a plant pot.

And even the more ridiculous options scored above zero, suggesting that some people will eat anything in any format if they’ve already committed to pay for it.

A flooring panel? 28%. A shovel? 17%. A dog bowl? 10%.

That’s right, one in 10 Brits would happily eat their dinner from a dog bowl, and who are we to judge them.

In case you were wondering, YouGov explain that “it is worth noting the question wording did stipulate that all vessels are clean”. Well that’s something, I guess.

(Main image: Instagram/munchiescdf)