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16 best summer BBQ craft beers you need to try

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Chris Sayer
16 best summer BBQ craft beers you need to try

Allow us to absolutely nail your next grill-out 

Right, let’s not waste any time. The sun’s out. It’s actually out. And that means you need to get the heck outside and fire up that grill… stat.

Whilst you’re coaxing the coals into white-hot existence and risking your facial hair over open flames, let us take care of the liquid element of your cook out. Y’know, the dancing juice. The hoppy fun fluid. The beautiful brewskis, bro!

We asked four uber-respected and impartial behemoths of the craft beer scene to give us the spectacular suds they’ll be sucking back beside the BBQ this summer, and that you should be plucking out of the ice bucket as that first sausage starts to sizzle…

Stone & Wood - Pacific Ale (Blonde Ale, 4.4%)

Stone and Wood

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“As an Australian, I find it hard to look beyond an Aussie beer while cooking a BBQ. Pacific Ale is light and crisp with a nice tropical hit, and perfect for rehydrating you while turning those snags (sausages for you non-Antipodeans).” - Justin Hutton, director of The Beer Collective craft beer suppliers

Ilkley Brewery - Hendrix (American Pale Ale, 4.9%)


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“Anything that demands you ‘drink with cheese, BBQ and friends’ from the side of a can is guaranteed to be a winner. Light amber, with a blast of citrusy flavours and slight bitter pine balanced out with a touch of sweet honey, makes it the perfect way to kick things off when you’re firing up the barbie.” – Tim Jones, founder of beer culture site

Solvay Society - Coulomb (Saison, 4.6%)


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“Saisons and grilled sausages are a perfect match, and you’ll struggle to find a better London-brewed saison than Coulomb. Just thinking about those dry, grapefruit aromas with that fruity, sweet Belgian yeast flavour makes me want to light up the BBQ right now and throw on some bangers.” - Matt Chinnery, beer blogger at

Northern Monk x Boundary – Yorkshire Farmhouse Ale (3.5%)

northern monk

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“Farmhouse ales once quenched the thirst of European farmhands throughout the summer. Luckily you don’t have to spend hours toiling away in the fields to enjoy Northern Monk and Boundary’s super sessionable take on the style. Light, funky and bursting with flavour, it’s perfect for washing down an array of barbecued delights in the sun.” - Brody Rossiter, beer expert at HonestBrew online beer shop

Brick Brewery - Rhubarb Sour (2.7%)

brick rhubarb

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“Everything about this beer screams ‘BBQ session!’ to me. The low ABV means you can smash a dozen of them without getting so drunk you forget to turn the steaks, but is so packed with rhubarb that you get some amazing flavours.” - Justin Hutton, director of The Beer Collective craft beer suppliers

The Five Points Brewing Company - Five Points Pale (Pale Ale, 4.4%) 

five points pale

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“Ah, my old faithful! It’s sweet and citrusy, with a hint of orange peel, followed by a cracking zesty finish. It’s also uber sessionable, refreshing, and not too overpowering, meaning you won’t miss out on tasting the carbon on that burnt burger!” – Tim Jones, founder of beer culture site

40FT Brewery - Larger (Lager, 4.8%)

40ft larger

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“40FT’s head brewer Ben Ott grew up and gained his brewing skills in Germany, and you can taste it in this perfectly clean Kolsch-style lager. It reminds me of all the amazing summer parties 40FT throw in their yard at the brewery in Dalston, which always includes a BBQ of some kind.” - Matt Chinnery, beer blogger at

Wylam x Track x North Brewing x Dry & Bitter – In Every Dream Home A Heartache (IPA, 6%)


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“Expect bags of flavour from this four-way collab, thanks to liberal dry-hopping with Enigma, Ekuanot, Vic Secret and Citra hops.” - Brody Rossiter, beer expert at HonestBrew online beer shop

One Mile End - Morello Cherry Gose (4.2%)

Cherry gose

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“On a sunny day, I have to pick one of these up from the fridge if I see it. Can’t help myself. Tart, tasty and packed full of cherries, it’s been my favourite from One Mile End for quite a while now.” - Justin Hutton, director of The Beer Collective craft beer suppliers

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - Sierra Nevada Porter (5.6%) 

SN Porter

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“Here’s pudding. A real classic with bold, rich flavours of coffee and chocolate. Pair it with anything rich and chocolatey - churros and chocolate sauce, for example.” – Tim Jones, founder of beer culture site

Infinite - Session (Pale Ale, 0.5%)

infinite session

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“Okay, so you’re driving. Dilemma? Not any more. I’ve had some pretty ropey non-alcoholic beers in my time, but this isn’t one of them. A 0.5% beer with loads of hop aroma and flavour, good balance of bitterness and a full body from the six different grains used in the brew. Also at 36kcals per bottle, I’d happily drink this beer all day long.” - Matt Chinnery, beer blogger at

Gipsy Hill – Hunter (Helles Lager, 5%)


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“Because sometimes all you need is a really solid and smashable lager to enjoy in the garden.” - Brody Rossiter, beer expert at HonestBrew online beer shop

Yellow Belly - Citra Pale Ale (4.8%)

yellow belly

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“Citra is one of my favourite hops. When you pack a heap of it into a pale ale, you get a wonderful grapefruit and pineyness (is that a word?), which, I’ve found, is ideal for sipping by the grill.”- Justin Hutton, director of The Beer Collective craft beer suppliers

Beavertown - Smog Rocket (Smoked Porter, 5.4%)

smog rocket

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“Who says you have to exclusively drink cold fizzy pales at a BBQ? There are some great dark beers that go really well at a grill-out, too. And they don’t get much better than Beavertown’s Smog Rocket - a smoky, smooth, roasted throwback to a London porter. It pairs perfectly with BBQ sauce, so much so that I have used it many a time in a BBQ pulled pork recipe.” - Matt Chinnery, beer blogger at

Forest Road - POSH Lager (4.1%) 

posh lager

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“Want to bring a bit of class to your grill-out? Here’s your ticket. Forest Hill’s brewer, Pete, is one of the most fun guys on the beer scene, and really knows how to brew a beer. Get this super cold, straight from the ice bucket, and let that sweet nectar pick you up.”- Justin Hutton, director of The Beer Collective craft beer suppliers

Twisted Barrel - Sine Qua Non (Sesson IPA, 4.5%) 

twisted barrel

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“They’re one of my favourite breweries. They not only brew vegan-friendly beers, but have a vegan-friendly tap room too, in Coventry. Sine Qua Non is one of their core beers. It’s light, crisp, refreshing, and a perfect juicy 4.5% IPA for an all-day session.” - Matt Chinnery, beer blogger at