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10 craft beers you should be drinking this weekend (16-18 Feb)

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Chris Sayer
10 craft beers you should be drinking this weekend (16-18 Feb)

If ticking the Friday-Sunday ‘fun’ box this weekend involves you hiking up a treacherous mountain with your pals, scoring some sweet new trainers, escaping from the city with your other half or doing abso-lute-ly nothing but goggling at a new Netflix series and wiping Pringles dust from your chin, one thing’s for sure: if you’re doing your weekend right, you’re doing it with a slew of gloriously good beers within reach.

And reader, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that happens. Not just this weekend, but next weekend, and every weekend until the end of days. Every Friday, we’ll be leaning on our learned booze-pro buds to recommend the powerhouse suds you should be reaching for as soon as 6.01pm swings around.

Now with our third weekend brews bulletin upon us, it’s the turn of Tim Jones, founder of crazy-respected beer culture website, to inform us of the 10 best craft beers to knock back before Monday morning rears its filthy face once again…

The one to crack open at 6.01pm on Friday  

And Union - Friday IPA (6.5%)

“I can’t think of many better ways to hit the weekend than with a Bavarian take on an American-style IPA. Expect malt with a dash of caramel and plenty of body. And at 6.5% this one’s definitely looking for a good time.”

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The one you won’t have tried before 

Northern Monk - Glory (Triple IPA, 10.5%)

“Man, this is good! A limited-run blast of tropical fruit and citrusy orange, slight pine followed by a beautiful warming finish that puts a grin on your face. Dangerously easy to drink, though - it comes in at a potentially lethal at 10.5%.”

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The one for a Saturday afternoon on the sofa 

Northern Monk - Patrons Project 6.03 Slam Dank (IPA, 7.4%)

“A Northern Monk one-two, because these guys never fail to impress! Creamy texture, mega juicy with fresh citrusy flavours, tropical fruit and a bitter hit of hops. It’s a cracking combo that makes for the perfect tipple to drink while chilling in front of the footy.”

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The old faithful one to always have within reach 

Beavertown Brewery - Lupuloid (IPA 6.7%)

“Now a permanent brew in Beavertown’s artillery, and one that’s definitely become our ‘go-to’ brew. Fruity, with plenty of tropical flavours and a dry, hoppy finish. Incredibly well-balanced and always there when I need a decent, easy-to-get beer.”

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The one that’s dark as hell 

Brew York – Tonkoko (Milk stout, 4.3%) 

“Imagine a liquid Bounty chocolate bar. It’s dark, infused with hand-toasted coconut, Madagascan vanilla, cacao nibs and tonka beans, and gives a cracking mix of cinnamon, spice, and vanilla, complemented by an epic combo of coconut and coffee.”

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The one to stock your fridge with for your mates 

Twisted Barrel Ale - Naido (New England Pale, 5.0%)

“From the guys in Coventry who have just moved into their new digs, this is a very juicy pale ale, full of fresh pine and pineapple, mellowed down by a bitter hoppiness. It’s the perfect Saturday party starter to enjoy with your pals before heading into town.”

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The one you can smash plenty of 

Hackney Brewery – KAPOW! (Pale ale, 4.5%)

“We were lucky enough to first try this the morning after it was canned, so it was uber fresh. Very hoppy, with a dash of juicy pineapple and a splash of sweet tropical fruit met with a slight bitterness that works perfectly together. Easy drinking and very, very session-able.”

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The one that’s a wild flavour bomb  

Stroud Brewery – Alederflower (Pale Ale 4.9%)

“You’re not getting much wilder than pale ale infused with a wildflower. Hoppy, with a fantastic mix of spritzy-sweet elderflower, followed by a contrasting bitter finish. Balanced to perfection, easy drinking and tastes like heaven.”

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The hedonistically heavyweight one 

Buxton x Omnipollo -  Yellow Belly (Imperial Stout, 11.0%)

“A collaboration between Buxton Brewery and Omnipollo that aims to celebrated open-mindedness and defying institutionalised racism. It’s a fantastic mix of strawberries, vanilla, peanut butter, chocolate and rich digestive biscuit, rounded off with a warming finish. The mad thing is that they used no biscuits, peanut butter or nuts in this.”

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The one to alleviate the Sunday night pre-work worry 

Scarborough Fair – Wold Top Brewery (IPA, 6.0%)

“Winner of the Great Taste Award 2 Star Gold in 2014. Very sweet with hints of pine, citrus, peach, apricots and fresh fruit. Something a bit more floral and perfect for lightening up the mood before the Monday blues set in.”

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