Netflix's new thriller will be a must-watch for all fantasy fans (and anyone who loves Will Smith)

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Check out the latest trailer for Will Smith's new Netflix film 'Bright'

Netflix Originals are a bit hit and miss, aren’t they? For every Hush there’s a The Ridiculous Six; for every Okja there’s a, erm, The Ridiculous Six - it’s a risky minefield, basically. But there’s one coming out just around the corner that looks quite good, actually, if you’re asking.

It’s called Bright, it stars Will Smith and Hollywood’s most underrated actor, Joel Edgerton, and by the looks of things, it’s going to be a blast. It follows Smith, who plays a human cop, and Edgerton, who stars as the first orc (yeah, like those ones from The Lord Of The Rings) to gain a slot in the police force. Elsewhere there appears to be a woman with blonde hair who can shoot energy beams or something - who knows, it’s fantasy, so there’s no point in trying to make sense of it.

Essentially, magic is real, orcs are things, and Will Smith wants to stop “a nuclear bomb that grants wishes”. Yeah, sounds stupid, but it’s been written by Max Landis, who penned the excellent Chronicle, and it’s been directed by David Ayer, of Training Day fame, so maybe treat it with a bit of respect, eh buster?

And also watch the latest trailer, before making any snap judgments:

That doesn’t look half bad, that. Lots of action, a bit of ‘banter’ and lots of swords - and who doesn’t like swords? I do, you do, your mum does - we all love swords.

The film, which also stars Noomi Rapace, Edgar Ramirez, Noomi Repace and Jay Hernandez (Hostel) will hit Netflix on 22 December. Erm, SWORDS.

(Image: Netflix)


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