You’ll want to stay off London’s roads today, and here’s why

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Chris Sayer

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Uber has revolutionised the way we travel.

But for one sector of London’s travel industry, the black cab drivers of the capital, the ride-hailing app has been a major thorn in the side, so much so that several protests against Uber have seen iconic black taxis flood the city’s streets in a gridlock-style middle finger to the multi-billion dollar company.

And there’s another black cab protest on its way today.

Five thousand taxi drivers fed up with the government’s ‘race to the bottom’ in deregulating their trade, are set to cause disruption in London today (Wednesday 10 Feb). The drivers are angered at what they believe to be a bias in favour of “private cab firms” that puts passenger safety at risk.

From 1430 today, the cabbies will stage a go-slow drive outside Parliament, causing traffic chaos and a whole lot of noise, as this video from last year’s protest shows.

If you’re anywhere near Whitehall at that time, you won’t want to be in your car, but you will want to put some earplugs in.


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