World Cup

Iconic World Cup Kits On Canvas


Football, like fine art, should be admired by audiences on as wide a scale as imaginable.

One person who knows this more than anyone is Brian Ayling, a traditional British painter of international acclaim who has now taken on another set of classics entirely: World Cup kits.

With each one hanging from in his studio as a subject and taking a week to complete, Ayling, whose portraits appear in private collections across the world, has captured some of his most beloved jerseys of tournaments gone by on canvas: sure to rouse the nostalgia in any football fan.

And depending how nostalgic you're feeling - or rather how deep your pockets - you can even visit the painter's online store and purchase one of them for yourself.

Although it is worth noting that despite the artist taking influence from 17th century Dutch painters, the Oranje don’t get a look-in. Rembrandt would be furious.


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