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The inevitable 'Downfall' It's Coming Home meme is absolutely amazing

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Dave Fawbert

It was a matter of time before someone did it - and it’s every bit as good as you’d hoped

If you’ve never seen the 2004 film Downfall, then you should correct that error at the earliest possible opportunity. It features a truly incredible performance by Bruno Ganz as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the final ten days of his rule over Germany, managing to create a fully three-dimensional portrayal of the Fuhrer as his plans implode and his world, both literally and metaphorically, collapses. It is a stunning piece of cinema.

It is also absolute ripe for memeing, as anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the last decade will know.

There can barely be a news event out there which hasn’t had the Downfall treatment, specifically the famous scene where Hitler discovers from his generals that the final counter-offensive against the rampant Soviets never took place, and that Germany’s full defeat is imminent. He then orders everyone except the four highest-rank generals to leave before unleashing a volley of abuse and self-pity as he breaks down.

We can’t quite believe it’s taken this long but, finally, someone’s done one for the World Cup, with Hitler hearing of England’s sensational progress to the semi-final under Gareth Southgate.

This news irks him, but it’s OK, because Germany will beat them in the final.

Won’t they?

Absolutely superb.

Of course, YouTube user ‘farakhhanif’ has spotted an inaccuracy:

The inevitable 'Downfall' It's Coming Home meme is absolutely amazing

You’re right farakhhanif, that’s completely ruined it for us now.


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