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This book publisher did not hold back with their World Cup tweets and it's hilarious

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Gary Ogden
This book publisher did not hold back with their World Cup tweets and it's hilarious

Are books and football mutually exclusive?

We are in the midst of a World Cup, didn’t you know (although maybe “we” isn’t the correct word), but spare a thought for the people that aren’t really that into it. Like, it’s taken over the world, completely, and if you’re not really keen on football, it’s an absolute nightmare to navigate.

So most people just suck it up and pretend to like it for a bit, then go back to hating it once it’s all over (cowards). However, there are the brave ones who stand against the onslaught and proudly proclaim their disdain for everybody to see. It’s risky, but there are rogues out there that do it regardless, like Canongate Books, the absolute maniacs, who went on a wild rant during England’s game against Croatia. (Croatia’s game against England)

Anyway, just look at this:

Wow, that’s a risky move there, but props for sticking to your guns. Not sure how it’ll all work out for you, but hey, that’s the risk of corporate social media isn’t it? It’ll either make or break you. Either way, you’re not getting a follow from me because books are for squares - WEDGIE ALL BOOKS!

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