This woman posted reviews of her dates on Yelp and it was brilliant


For serial daters, Yelp is a helpful ally; a source of countless ways to woo someone in an urban environment.

But now one woman in New York has taken it a little farther than that, getting herself kicked off the website after she started actually reviewing dates on it.

25-year-old actress Natalie Walker told Buzzfeed she started doing it for no better reason than “simply because I thought it would be funny." And to be fair, she's not wrong.

These waggish reviews of how badly her dates went in specific locations soon struck a chord with the the online community, as users of the website responded in their droves to the posts, swiftly followed by Yelp admins who proceeded to block her from the service.

But not before she managed to post this utter gold:

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[Images: Instagram/Yelp]