This video of a lawnmower ripping up loads of devices is strangely mesmerising

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Sam Diss

What better way to fight back against the rough, constricting hand of technology than throwing your computer and that into the rusted blades of an up-turned lawnmower and basking in its plastic-and-microchip destruction?

Like that scene in Office Space where they take it in turns to smash the shit out of the printer in a big field, YouTube user Will It Mow? throws a keyboard (and a digital camera and a television remote and, for some reason, a bottle of water) into the whirring cutters of his gardening tool.

While sadly not dumping the desktop’s screen and tower in there too, he makes amends by filming it in black and white and slow-motion, all grain and class, and setting the carnage to Blue Danube, allowing each of us to revel in the David Lynchian weirdness of it all, the keys flying hither and thither, the plastic casing splintered and thrown wide across the garage, circuit boards spinning out of frame like little robot Frisbees.

It’s mesmerising. And next time anything on our desk stops working it’s getting blended in a heartbeat.

This is what your working day has been missing, isn’t it?