Watch Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite for new Burger King ad


Forget your heart string-tugging John Lewis and M&S adverts, as far as we’re concerned Napoleon Dynamite stars John Heder and Efren Ramirez have just won Christmas with this new Burger King ad.

It’s been 12 years since Dynamite danced in his snow boots and set a new geek-chic trend with his Vote Pedro t-shirt.

The new ad reunites Napoleon and Pedro themselves – Heder and Ramirez respectively – treating themselves to some of BK’s cheesy tater tots, a reference the scene in the movie in which Napoleon refuses to share his tots with a classmate. And as you can see from the new ad – in which Heder nabs Ramirez’s tots to scoff all by himself - his attitude to sharing delicious cheesy bites hasn’t changed much in 12 years.

Damn, they’re good.

As for the lead pair, damn they’re good.


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