The VW Camper Van is getting a futuristic makeover

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It’s all been a dream of every single person to go on a road trip in a beaten up VW Camper Van, cruising across America getting fat on pancakes and jittery off bad coffee.

The only downside of this is the old second-hand models (they went out of production in 2013, so these are the best you’ll get) need a lot of work done. One minute you’re rolling down Route 66, the next minute you’re engine is dead and you’re being eaten alive by coyotes or wolves or those freaks from The Hills Have Eyes.

But, all is not lost retro automobile lovers, as the VW camper van is being reborn for modern times – and it’s going electric.

Introducing the I.D. Buzz, a re-imagining of the classic VW by going electric, charging 80% of its batteries in only 30 minutes, and is reported to include self-driving technology and a driver’s chair that swivels around when the futuristic tech is activated so they can speak to the other passengers (but all you traditionalists don’t worry, the nose and bold colours will stay).

It’s estimated that the new cars will go into production in 2020, with the model above being available by 2025. No price has been set yet but VW says that it will be “affordable for millions, not just to millionaires.”


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