Video of man attempting to say 'specifically' will have you in bits


We’re not sure which exact part of this video caused us to laugh uncontrollably, but we can tell you specifically.

The word ‘specifically’, that is. For this a set of syllables that one Northern Irishman just can't seem to get his tongue around for a video which could now become one of the unlikely viral hits of the year.

Sat attempting to charge his phone, Tom is encouraged to say ‘specifically’, only to fail every time, each attempt leading to more hilarity.

Doing his best to pronounce the word, it takes 15 attempts before he eventually realises he’ll never accomplish the feat and the woman recording the video tells him to “shut it down”. If there's a complex Catalonian surname on the back of that Spain football shirt, we could be in for a sequel.

For now, best not get into the specifics. Just watch the comical brilliance below.